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Annual Benefit for ARENA DANCES- Success



THANKS to all that came out to support ARENA DANCES with our 6th Annual ARENA BIKINI!

Richard Beckel, Adrienne Yancy, Jay Nelson, Anita Jensen, Raquel Redmond,
Max Lohrbach, Nani Nalu, Rainbow Road and MartinPatrick3.

We welcomed more than 400 guests on Friday, April 26th to the Calhoun Beach Club. Overall, we raised more than 25,000 and we have so many wonderful people and organizations to thank – like you!

The money raised will go towards ARENA’s participation in the 15th OPEN LOOK Dance Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia this July – an international festival full of cultural exchanges with dance companies and dancers from Israel, Sweden and many more. Funds raised also help sustain ARENA DANCES as they move into the 2013-2014 Season, researching and creating their next project- The Main Street Project.

Here is some press reviews, blogs and photos of the event!

Photos by Dan Norman! http://danorm.zenfolio.com/arenabikini13

Twin Cities CW coverage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kkm05X0z-M&feature=youtu.be

VitaMN coverage: http://www.vita.mn/crawl/205629511.html

Fashion Blogs: http://www.fashionodds.com/

And all the preview write ups and calendar listing- THANKS!












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